About Us

We are a group of former Australian Broadcasting Corporation staff and production contractors who care deeply about the vital role of the national broadcaster.

These are turbulent times for the ABC. Political pressure, funding cuts, job and program losses, and management turmoil have taken a big toll on the staff who make its TV, radio and digital content.

ABC Alumni believes a strong public service broadcaster is essential in a healthy democracy. We’re uniting hundreds of former staff and contractors, mobilising their skills to help save the ABC.

We need your help. Join our campaign to restore adequate funding, support current ABC staff and encourage appropriate decision-making by management. You can join Alumni if you’ve worked one full-time year for the ABC or its part-time equivalent. If you’re not ex-ABC but support our objectives, join as an associate.

ABC Alumni is a registered not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (ACN 628 088 371, ABN 85628088371). And we're registered as a charity with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission for the purpose of advancing education and public debate about the ABC, and establishing a scholarship fund.

We coordinate membership, public speakers, lobbying, training & mentoring of current ABC staff, fundraising, and social events. We’re a national organisation. Like the ABC itself, we started in Sydney. We will hold events in the other capitals, and in regional centres. Please contact us if you can help us establish a presence in your area. You can be involved wherever you are. Help us help your ABC.

We need ideas and volunteers. Your suggestions and offers of help are always welcome at ABCAlumniAustralia@gmail.com

ABC Alumni Limited

ACN 628 088 371 / ACNC Registered


Board Directors

Matt Peacock Chair

Helen Grasswill Treasurer

Greg Wilesmith Company Secretary


Tanya Segelov & David Taylor

Segelov Taylor Lawyers Sydney


Mark Rosen

Business Ignition Group Sydney

Website Richard Dinnen

Technical Support Peter Marks Rob Garnsey

State Convenors

NSW: Matt Peacock

VIC: Peter Marks

ACT: Eric Hunter

TAS: Deborah Fleming

QLD: Trish Lake, Mark Hayes

WA: Bill Bunbury

SA & NT: tba

Administration Helen Grasswill, Heather Forbes, Janet Clayton

Membership Registrar: Janet Clayton

Training/Reviewing/Mentoring Sue Spencer

International Vivien Altman

Regions & Rural Wendy Borchers

Events Sharon Carleton

Publicity Helen Grasswill, Matt Peacock

Social Media Richard Dinnen, Janet Clayton, Deborah Nesbitt