Ditch ABC TV for iview and advertise: Gruen

Members of the ABC TV Gruen panel are renowned for their insight into all things media. But have they have gone too far, or hit the mark, with their ideas for the ABC itself?

In a discussion of the highly competitive streaming market, Todd Sampson called for the ABC to reverse its current strategy - make iview the primary product and television the supplementary.

iview has been very successful for the ABC, which still promotes it as a way to catch up on TV shows.

Todd Sampson said that has to change.

"I think iview is the business and TV is supplementary. Structurally the industry is changing. The networks are all struggling with that. But the more important thing is behaviourally it’s changing. It’s never going back to pre-streaming time. It’s not going to happen."

He urged the ABC to get ahead of the changes, scrap ABC2, make less content and put it all on iview.

His Gruen colleague Russel Howcroft urged the ABC to advertise its programs in order to attract a younger audience.

The ABC advertises on its own TV and radio services, limiting reach to the audience it already has - a doomed strategy, according to Howcroft.

"The only way you can get a new audience in is to present the content to the younger audience. The only vehicle you’ve got to do that is via advertising.”

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