The long view of ABC funding

ABC funding - the perennial problem

In 1980. the renowned scholar Henry Mayer exercised his gift for getting to the heart of the matter when he wrote about funding for the ABC.

The then Professor of Political Theory at the University of Sydney, wrote:

"ABC funding is a perennial ‘problem’. Given its very broad aims, given in the Act and arrived at by convention, given that priorities were not clear nor could be without offending important interests, given no easily available criteria for ABC ‘waste’ or ‘efficiency’, it is not easy to see how much money the ABC ‘really’ needs and how much ‘fat’ there is ... Endless disputes over funding and the use of funds are built into the system."

We're reminded of Mayer's quote in a just-released research paper on ABC funding by Dr Tyson Wils.

The paper takes a long historical view of funding for our national broadcaster, and the political considerations that drive debate and seemingly unending controversy.

This important and timely paper is published on the Federal Parliament website. Read the paper