ABC Alumni joins ABC Friends call for the Prime Minister to instruct all Coalition candidates that privatisation of the ABC is NOT his policy.

ABC Friends made the call today after Fairfax papers published details of a manifesto the Institute of Public Affairs sent to Coalition MPs, asking them to support selling the ABC, company tax cuts and withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change.

The conservative think tank is known to have considerable influence among Coalition members.

The Liberal Party's federal council voted last year in favour of privatising the ABC, but the motion was rejected by some Cabinet ministers at the time.

ABC Friends national president Margaret Reynolds says the Prime Minister must rule out any sale of the ABC.

"Now that the IPA has put its conservative manifesto back on the election agenda, it is essential that Scott Morrison commits the Coalition to supporting properly-funded, independent Australian public broadcasting," Ms Reynolds said.

"Voters must know if a vote for a Coalition candidate will lead to destruction of the ABC. A clear commitment is required from the Government."

ABC Friends and ABC Alumni are working in marginal seats around Australia, encouraging voters to choose candidates they trust with "your ABC".

Funding for the ABC continues to be an election issue - with Labor claiming the Coalition will fund promised tax cuts by further reducing the ABC budget.

Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said further spending cuts would be necessary to fund $40 billion worth of tax cuts.

Ms Rowland asked whether the Coalition would make further cuts to the ABC to fund the tax cuts.