Political interference

A Senate committee has declared political interference is experienced "to varying degrees" throughout the ABC.

The ALP-dominated Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications had examined the termination of Managing Director Michelle Guthrie, the conduct of the Chair, Justin Milne, and the ABC Board, and governance of the ABC.

"The committee believes that political interference or the prospect of political interference, and all that that entails, is experienced to varying degrees throughout the ABC," the Committee report said.

"While Australians have considerable trust in the ABC, this trust is not blind.

"Should Australian Governments continue to undermine and erode the independence and integrity of the corporation, the ABC's status as a trusted institution will be significantly diminished."

Government senators on the Committee wrote a dissenting report, which strongly rejected the claim that political interference was happening at the ABC.

"The inquiry found no evidence of political interference by the Government or the former prime minister," the dissenting report reads.