The Altar Boys

New book tells story of much loved ABC broadcaster

Former ABC broadcaster, journalist and manager Steven Alward features in a soon to be released true story - The Altar Boys

Steven and his childhood friend Glen Walsh were proud altar boys at a church in Newcastle, NSW. Glen discovered, and reported sexual abuse of children by clergy. Glen died weeks before he was due to give evidence. Steven died two months later. Ensuing investigations revealed that at least 60 men in the region had taken their own lives, many of them were from local Catholic schools.

Award-winning investigative reporter Suzanne Smith exposes the widespread and organised clerical abuse of children in an Australian city, and the far-reaching cover-up in the Catholic Church.

The Altar Boys focuses on two childhood friends, their families and community. It's a gripping and explosive story, backed by secret documents, diary notes and witness accounts, detailing a deliberate church strategy of psychological warfare against witnesses in key trials involving paedophile priests.

The Altar Boys is due out in August 2020.